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Boardexpert.com is a premier, value-based boutique advisory firm specializing in board of director effectiveness.

We have worked with, studied, assessed and advised boards of directors of some of the most prestigious and respected corporations in the world. Our approach is predicated on generating continuous, customized and transformative corporate governance deliverables that go beyond quantitative structural metrics advocated by proxy advisory firms, rating agencies and, in some cases, regulators themselves. Specifically, we focus on relationships, decision-making, competencies and other attributes that are largely visible only from inside boardroom doors, by directors themselves, and informed by global thought leadership. We especially eschew ‘one-size-fits-all’ or ‘volume’ approaches to board effectiveness. While our standard methodology has been used by boards and directors within major industry sectors, we create sustained value by forging close relationships with clients seeking deep and customized offerings to suit highly specialized needs. The quality of these relationships is reflected by the significance, complexity and discretion of the work entrusted to us.


See Dr. Leblanc’s book, “The Handbook of Board Governance,” advertised at Times Square.


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