Proven Results and Improvement

Client awards, praise and peer endorsements

We regularly advise boards seeking to lead or keep abreast of best practices and innovations. They have been recognized by adjudicating bodies and investors for their excellence and achievement in the areas of compensation disclosure, corporate governance disclosure, corporate reporting, director disclosure, electronic disclosure, shareholder communication, sustainable development reporting, and the strategic leadership, operation and the transformative role of their boards.

Representative Engagements

  • Stock exchange listed corporation – Customized assessment of board of directors, board committees, individual directors, chairman and CEO, via self-reviews, director and management interviews, meeting attendance; submission of report and recommended governance enhancements; plenary session with the board of directors; follow-up implementation;
  • Stock exchange listed corporation – Full revisions to mandates and position descriptions; “360” assessment of board of directors, chair, board committees, committee chairs; submission of board and management reports (including comparative analysis and recommended governance enhancements) for member interviews; follow-up re-design of competency matrix;
  • Stock exchange listed corporation – Streamlined comprehensive assessment of board of directors; submission of executive summary and report to chair of board and governance committee;
  • Private corporation – Assessment of board of directors; submission of summary report and recommendations; workshop session with board of directors;
  • Not-for-profit Organization – Customized assessment of board of directors based on industry best practices and risk management issues; submission of summary report to board chair and CEO; oral presentation of findings and recommendations at board retreat;

Board Success Stories

Boards that are functioning effectively are more likely to deliver higher shareholder value than those that are not functioning well. They are more likely to sustain the respect of all stakeholders and engage in effective risk management and mitigation. Experience also shows that having such a board results from a deliberate process that includes (i) recruiting and developing directors with the right combination of skills, experience and personal qualities; (ii) implementing a process for assessing the board’s own performance; and (iii) disclosing to stakeholders that a robust and viable process exists for director selection and governance assessment.

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