Program Customization

Richard Leblanc offers custom designed keynotes to multiple day seminars and working programs.

The following questions will help Richard Leblanc to tailor materials to suit the needs of the buyer and audience. It is asked that you answer the questions below in whatever format is most convenient (e.g., email, telephone, fax, other). “Program” is defined as the event, session or speech.

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On speaking effectively

The ability to speak effectively is an acquirement rather than a gift.
William Jennings Bryan

  1. The Program

    1. What are the needs, objectives & desired outcomes and results of the sponsor?
    2. What are the objectives of the speaker’s session and overall program?
    3. Please provide a draft agenda of the program of which the speaker’s session is part.
  2. The Audience

    1. What is the nature of the attendees (e.g., size, demographics, professional background, etc.)?
    2. What is the nature of the industry(ies) and organization(s) that are represented in the audience? Please be as specific as you can and provide e-literature, websites, other background, etc.
    3. What are the issues, challenges and opportunities of the audience members? Please be as specific as you can and provide examples if possible.
    4. Please provide the identity & coordinates of the attendees.
  3. The Speaker

    1. How did you come to know of Richard Leblanc? What were the important factors in his selection?
    2. What topic(s) of Richard Leblanc are of most interest to you?
    3. What are the most important objectives you would like Richard to address?
    4. What other speakers (past, current and proposed) have been and are delivering in the program? Do you have suggestions, given past successful presentations?
    5. Are there sensitive issues or messages you would like underscored or de-emphasized within the delivery? If so, please elaborate.
  4. On your audience

    Be sincere. Be simple in words, manners and gestures. Amuse as well as instruct. If you can make people laugh, you can make them think and make them like and believe you
    Alfred E. Smith

    The Value-Added Services

    1. What ideas, skills or techniques do you wish for attendees to develop arising from Richard Leblanc’s presentation?
    2. Which of the following value-added products are most likely to fulfill the buyer’s objectives (please check)?
      • co-drafting of speaking points for marketing purposes;
      • pre-program meetings & activities;
      • attendee consultation/survey to develop audience-centered examples and feedback;
      • educational materials and learning objectives;
      • visuals & audience handouts;
      • audio/visual recording;
      • post-session follow up;
      • other (see here);
    3. Please provide the names and co-ordinates of individuals who would be most helpful in providing information that would assist in tailoring the presentation.
    4. Please provide other suggestions that would assist in customizing the delivery to address the objectives of the buyer.

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