Podium Introduction

The changing narrative of organizational governance is competency, transparency and stakeholder accountability.

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Our speaker, Dr. Richard Leblanc, is one of the top board leadership and director effectiveness speakers in North America.

He adopts a twelve-point model of board, committee and individual director effectiveness developed through rigorous study and work with award-winning boards of directors.

These boards seek Richard’s advice on maximizing their effectiveness and the contribution by individual directors.

As a corporate governance professor and author, Richard has contributed to numerous scholarly and prac-titioner articles and books that include the top in his field.

He has worked with regulators who oversee boards. He has taught and guest lectured at top-ranked business schools and board of director programs.

Richard regularly consults with top companies and boards intent on being on the forefront of corporate governance practices and provides informed commentary and expertise to the media. Richard’s approach to assessing board effectiveness and his expertise has impacted hundreds of organizations, across all sectors and industries.

Richard is an outstanding and energetic speaker and we are very proud and excited to have him address us here today.

Please join me in providing a very warm welcome to Richard Leblanc.

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