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Dr Leblanc is a prominent academic and speaker in the world of corporate governance. His insight and understanding of the ever-changing business landscape draws popular media outlets to contact him for thoughtful and relevant commentary on present-day issues.

Richard has written extensively on board effectiveness, corporate governance and industry reform (to name a few). Much of his research and writing is frequently published in books, Industry and academic journals and magazines.

Listening to Richard is a transformative experience—his audiences are captivated while he’s speaking, and energized afterwards.
Program Director, Not-for-profit organization

Dr Richard Leblanc

  • A broad foundation of knowledge and excellent depth of experience with director and executive education and leadership development.
  • An excellent speaker with a dynamic style and truly engaging approach.
  • Superlative platform and facilitation skills, focusing on audience satisfaction.
  • Widely acclaimed research and work with award-winning, innovative companies.
  • Always on the cutting edge of emerging global developments and best practices.

Author, Professor & Governance Expert

  • Boardroom Realities
  • Questions for Not-for-Profit Directors
  • Women on Corporate Boards of Directors
  • Inside the Boardroom
  • HandbookOfBoardGovernanceCoverThe Handbook of Board Governance

Enthusiastic, Engaging and Unforgettable

Audiences from all over the world have been empowered by Richard Leblanc’s dynamic speaking presence, filled with up-to-date and highly relevant information that will leave your audience wanting more. Many people have a lot to rave about Richard Leblanc’s highly charismatic and engaging presentations. Find out what people say for yourself.

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