Testimonials imageWe take pride in the quality of our work and satisfaction of those who draw on our expertise.

contribution to the field of enhanced corporate governance… unique and significant… fact-based insights are most compelling.
Chair of board of a NYSE bank

…ground breaking work in the field of corporate governance.
CEO of an institutional shareholder

very important contribution to this science.
Chair of a securities commission

very informative… work is great.
Chief banking regulator

strong conceptual framework… boards of many real and important companies.
CEO of a directors’ institute

Providing feedback on performance to directors requires considerable tact and diplomacy. It is also important that the directors discuss and approve the process before assessments take place.

findings are giving companies the opportunity to improve their practices and their effectiveness.
Officer of a NYSE company

a new yardstick that will lead us into a new era of governance.
Chair of board of a health care organization

applied many of these practical insights.
CEO of a TSX company

Reason for Governance Assessments

The primary reason to undertake any governance assessment is to improve and develop, not to judge or evaluate.

your excellent research assists all of us.
Nominating committee chair of a NYSE company

a huge help to NFPs and especially their governance committees.
Not-for-profit director

Thank you… for a very good report.
Chair of board of NYSE energy company

recommendations are practical and make eminent sense.
Chair of board of a large state-owned enterprise

Benefits of director evaluation feedback

I personally like to see the peer evaluation and see my area of growth. I like to see the opportunity to expand…

in-depth, independent knowledge of the inner workings of boards.
Chair of board of an Asia-Pacific bank

remarkable… compelling.
Chair of board of an Asia-Pacific retirement fund

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