Follow Through, Best Practices & Education

Board reviews can identify clear weaknesses, but they do not always indicate a clear path for improvement.

Tailored Follow Through

We will work with you to fashion the right approach for sharing the results of the BEAM™ with the board. Ideally, the person charged with responsibility for the assessment should present the results of the BEAM™ to all directors at a portion of a board meeting dedicated to this purpose. Whether the Chair of the Board or the Chair of the Governance Committee is tasked with steering the assessment process, can assist in shepherding the results through to the board and making recommendations on how best to do so, through the channels deemed most appropriate for a particular board.

The value of acting on the board evaluation

The results of board evaluation give the governance committee information on what is working and what is not. This insight allows that committee to focus and prioritize board education and learning. So the evaluation leads to positive improvements that may not otherwise happen in such a targeted and timely fashion. Some organizations reorganize their agendas and governance approach following a board evaluation.

Some follow through options:

  • may assist the board with the results of the BEAM™ by conducting a facilitated session with a committee and/or with the board to engage in action planning and address opportunities for development that present themselves in the report. How to prioritize results may be an aspect of this consultation.
  • may assist the board and/or a committee by providing a tailored presentation of the BEAM™ results.
  • Advice may be provided, in writing or by way of an in-person presentation, on best practices that could be employed in order to guide the board on how successfully governed companies are approaching the issues identified in the report. can provide specific guidance on how a company might implement those best practices.
  • Specific educational opportunities, in the form of individual director needs or on the part of the board collectively, might also be addressed by way of coaching and development or a board development session devoted to a particular topic. will assist the board in following through on their BEAM™ results in a manner that reflects the issues raised and allows the board to best choose its own path for improvement.

Feedback and action planning for committee and director assessments would follow a similar, needs-driven approach.

Sharing of Board Effectiveness Data

We should share [the] data. It’s very helpful and useful. Lots of people think that. It makes directors accountable. It should be positive. It increases group dynamics and personal development. The better the group is, the more candid the evaluation is, and it gets better.
Corporate Director

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