The Value Proposition

The following are value-added deliverables from Richard Leblanc’s speeches and training:

  • Establish a sense of purpose, focus & approach;
  • Position new knowledge, best practice & emerging trends;
  • Recount audience-specific, practical & actionable steps to capitalize on each trend;
  • Impart pragmatic advice, techniques & innovation from exemplar companies;
  • Provoke and challenge new approaches and frame higher goals to meet them;
  • Shape messages skillfully and create an inclusive atmosphere;
  • Provide critical mass, independent expertise & momentum for desired change;
  • Enhance long-term performance, process improvement, skill acquisition & productivity;
  • Resolve conflict, improve morale and build team & communication skills;
  • Instill a bias to learn, change future behavior & take action;
  • Develop reputation, goodwill & enhancement of brand;
  • Impassion, empower & motivate transformative breakthrough;
  • Use humor, trust and stirring of emotion to underscore key themes;
  • Distill delivery into discreet learning objectives and take-aways; and
  • Create distinct, memorable, enduring & result-based outcomes.

On why we speak

The practice of public speaking, the effort to marshal all one’s forces in a logical and forceful manner, to bring to the focus all the power one possesses, is a great awakener of the faculties. The sense of power that comes from holding the attention, stirring the emotions, or convincing the reason of an audience, gives self-confidence, assurance, self-reliance, arouses ambition and tends to make one more effective in every way.
Dr. Orison Swett Marden

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