Primary Advisor utilizes subject matter experts for advice, review and commentary based on the engagement, nature of the project and jurisdiction. These advisors include academics, auditors, compensation consultants, environmental experts, investment bankers, lawyers, researchers, risk experts, security experts, shareholders, technology experts, and of course current and retired leading executives and directors.

Dr. Richard Leblanc

Richard Leblanc brings to business and professional clients a depth of information from his extensive research and work with boards of directors and training and development of leaders and managers. He is engaging, dynamic, personable and an award-winning educator, lawyer, consultant and author. Because of his work with leading companies and current research, Richard is always on the cutting edge of emerging global developments. His insight has guided leaders of organizations through his teaching, writing and direct consultation to government regulators and corporations.

Author or contributing author of dozens of scholarly and practitioner articles, books and programs, Richard’s work has been described by various faculty at Harvard, Yale, London Business School and elsewhere as “great & much needed,” “wonderful and pragmatic,” “thorough” and “nothing short of remarkable,” as well as by Fortune 500, NYSE, FTSE and other company leaders as “leading edge,”“ground-breaking,” “valuable guidance,” “indispensable,” “compelling” and “exceptional.”

Richard adopts a framework for governance effectiveness developed over several years. His work, directly or indirectly, has impacted companies throughout the world, including those that have used Richard’s methodology to strengthen their governance effectiveness and accountability practices.

Richard is frequently consulted by stakeholders – such as companies, investors, associations, partnerships, not-for-profits, the media and regulators – for the latest developments and trends and customizes his speaking engagements to please all types of audiences and classes. He received a recent teaching award as one of five of the top university teachers in Ontario. Richard is a strategic advisor at the Institute for Excellence in Corporate Governance at the University of Texas at Dallas and in 2012 developed and taught a course in corporate governance at Harvard University, where he received an instructor rating of 4.89 out of 5. View a sample video of Richard speaking here.

Professor Leblanc is the recipient of awards for his research, teaching and other contributions, including the School of Administrative Studies Award for Theory and Practice, the Schulich School of Business Award for Teaching Excellence, and Merit Awards. Click here for more. He is a frequent speaker and media commentator. See here (speaking), here (television, etc.) and here (media outreach) respectively.

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