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Richard Leblanc is a dynamic speaker who has been called upon by the media to give his views on board and individual director effectiveness across all sectors and industries. In demand by corporations and associations across Canada and beyond, Professor Leblanc uses his extensive knowledge and research in governance to assist corporations and individuals alike in understanding and anticipating best corporate governance practices. He has studied the boards and interviewed directors of Fortune 500 companies, as well as training regulators and directors from Central and South America, Europe, Asia-Pacific and the Far East.

Dr Leblanc’s corporate governance findings have been of interest to boards of directors, individual directors, shareholders, governments, regulators, the media and professional advisors to boards (law, accounting, consulting and recruiting). His research and expertise extend across the following areas:

  • Board effectiveness, including structure, membership, process and tasks;
  • Director effectiveness, including independence, competence, attributes and tasks;
  • Women on boards and diversity;
  • Board governance across all sectors (publicly traded, state-owned, not-for-profit, private, member associations, hospitals) and industries;
  • Director education and orientation;
  • Roles and responsibilities of the board (fiduciary, strategic, oversight and governance);
  • Best committee practices (Audit, Compensation, Nominating/Governance);
  • Shareholder accountability and corporate governance disclosure;
  • Strategic planning and risk oversight by the board;
  • Board succession planning;
  • Director professionalism, including qualifications, responsibilities and compensation practices;
  • Ethics and corporate compliance oversight by the board; and
  • Board, committee and director assessments.

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