About The Blog

This blog is intended to be a governance resource and source of current governance commentary, offered by a corporate governance academic engaged in research and ongoing academic activities. There is a very public element to the governance field, and it is hoped that this blog will contribute to the public discussion of current governance issues. It is also hoped that it will address a need in the governance field by presenting a holistic online approach to the topic. There is a rapid rate of change in the field of governance (public, private, government and not-for-profit entities) and developments in internet technology move swiftly. This governance gateway offers resources for a broad variety of stakeholders: other academics, students, practitioners, including directors (as board and committee members), reporting management, advisors to boards, and, of course, shareholders, who have an integral stake in successful governance as well. Industry associations responsible to instill appropriate standards and practices and regulators are also contemplated as potential users of the resources offered here.

The topics and categories are organized by sub-heading and conform (largely) to my model of board effectiveness. There are several linkrolls chosen – from several hundred websites examined – in efforts to address scope and depth of publicly available information and facilitate focused searches and learning by end-users. Bookmarks and feedback are encouraged.

There is an emphasis towards Anglo-American regulation and practices and publicly available materials (including vendors and service providers where relevant). Criteria for inclusion include information or knowledge that is reasonably complete, timely, relevant, accurate and accessible, as much as possible.

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